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Mac OS X in the Crosshairs – 18 Malware Scanners Put to the Test
Geplaatst op 10 november 2014 om 00:45 door Niekie

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Everyone says: Mac OS X can protect itself

To be sure, since OS X 10.7 or 10.8 there are some good internal security systems such as Gatekeeper, Sandbox and Xprotect. Xprotect, for example, checks the mail and browser downloads. USB sticks, CDs or DVDs, however, are not inspected.

The Flashback attack of 2012 caught many users flat-footed, and over 700,000 Macs were infected in a flash. Up to that time, there was a consensus that an antivirus application for a Mac was merely ballast. An opinion that persists to this day, except probably among the some 700,000 Flashback victims.""

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